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Bluegreen Vacations stocks jump

Bluegreen Vacations made the news last week: “The Motley Fool” ran an interesting article on November 27, 2018, “Why Spirit Airlines, Bluegreen Vacations, and StoneCo Jumped Today.” As you might imagine, it was all thanks to clever stock moves. Here’s what they said, “Bluegreen Vacations saw its stock climb 17% in the wake of the decision of its board of directors to implement a share repurchase program. The vacation ownership specialist and resort manager said that it would buy back as much as 3 million shares, paying no more than $35 million toward repurchases. With the company already 90% owned by BBX Capital, the limited float means that the 3 million share authorization represents more than 40% of outstanding shares held by the public. Interest among investors in companies specializing in timeshares and other vacation real estate has been solid lately. However, with the share price jumping so far, Bluegreen might choose not to make any repurchases under the program unless the stock falls back.”

Promoted to Publisher

Sharon Wilson_email sizePerhaps it’s a little sentimental, but here is my very first “Publisher’s Corner” printed in the March 2015 edition of Resort Trades:

This publication has been mailed throughout every timeshare resort in the U.S. and many in Canada every month since 1987. (I know, I know…most of us were practically in diapers then, right?) Being the timeshare resort industry’s very own, dedicated resource for current news and information is a passion for us that has been under development for almost 30 years.

We’ve reported on everything from battling bed bugs to emergency preparedness. Our interests are expansive; we are avid followers of current events and trends in sales and marketing, front and back office, human resources, financing, HOA management and beyond. Suffice it to say, we know our audience and it is you, the timeshare professional…not the vacation ownership, shared ownership or whatever-term-de-jour… but the timeshare professional. We’ve reported on the comings and goings of so many special people. (Yes, we remember you, Jim Lambert, JP Ottino, Nick Kosmas, John Sweeney, our very own Jack Richardson, Bill Armbruster, the recently deceased Alex Marxer and Jay Finley and so many others.)

You might say we’ve formed an emotional attachment to you over the years. I’ll bet you feel the same for us. I hope so.

After serving as Resort Trades’ managing editor, I am proud to announce my recent promotion to Publisher/Managing Editor. The very top item on my list of objectives is to build a tightly knit relationship with every one of our readers. I salute you and want you to know that this ‘goes deep’ with me..with all of us at The Trades. It’s about so much more than money: Publishing Resort Trades is the greatest honor, the finest gift I’ve ever received. It’s also the tallest order and brings with it a responsibility I take very seriously. I pledge to the best of my ability to provide you with a news resource – both in print and online at – that continues to raise its standards for excellence, integrity and loyalty.

Sharon Scott, RRP
Resort Trades & Publisher/Managing Editor
Supporter/Advocate of The Timeshare Industry Profession

SharonINK to Manage Resort Trades

SharonINK to handle Resort Trades’ editorial, promotional and advertising activities.

Resort Trades, timeshare’s most widely-read B2B news journal, recently announced it has retained SharonINK PR & Marketing to oversee all of its editorial, promotional and advertising activities.

“One of our primary duties will be to clarify Resort Trades’ quality of editorial content and depth of readership,” says SharonINK CEO Sharon Scott. “While other publications in the industry serve a useful purpose and reach a select audience, Resort Trades is the only one sent every single month to every single resort in the US, as well as to a subscriber-base of senior-level executives at development, management and timeshare-related travel companies.”

“Sharon began writing for us in 1996 and has served as Resort Trades’ contributing editor since 2006,” says Publisher Tim Wilson. “We are looking to her firm to continue our information-rich tradition, as well as to promote a better understanding and appreciation for the value we bring to the timeshare industry.”

“Resort Trades is an avid ARDA supporter,” Scott adds. “This year we are looking forward to forging alliances with organizations and entities that support the growth and health of the industry. I welcome a discussion along these lines and can be reached at 1-310-923-1269 or”

About Resort Trades

The Trades was established in 1987 and distributes approximately 5,500 copies monthly to every US timeshare resort, a voluntary subscriber base of resort professionals of all walks and at various conventions and industry conferences. The Trades adds value to the industry as a whole with an enormous volume of informative content to assist resort operators run their properties more efficiently, raise revenues more effectively and make better-informed buying decisions.SharonScott_Trades card_2014