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RV Retirees Encouraged to Visit Gardens RV Village

RVers Getting a Warm Welcome From Gardens RV Village HOA President 

Hello! I understand you may be considering a visit to the Gardens RV Village. As president of the homeowners association, I’d like to invite you to stay a while and meet some of our neighbors. I know you will find it a very welcoming, friendly place.

Gardens residents are pretty active people: Besides our love of travel and RVing, most of us are passionate about exploring other interests, too. From the outdoor types who like to motorcycle through the countryside, play golf, or hone their pickleball techniques; to those involved in arts and crafts who build model airplanes, restore antique vehicles, or become champion quilters, you name it! There’s a wide diversity of interests here.

And, of course, we are HUGE on get-togethers. After all, we’re RVers! There’s an unwritten agreement in the Gardens: If your RV garage door is open, that’s an invitation to visit. And forget about taking a ‘short’ walk through the neighborhood. People here love to pause and chat. It’s like time-traveling back to a more laid-back, genteel time when the pace of life was not so harried and you could take the time to get to know your friends.

My wife, Silvia, and I were attracted to the Gardens when we were looking for a retirement destination.  Our search began during my 32nd year of active duty service in the U.S. Army. I’m the type to carefully research options. Looking for an ideal location was no different.  Through an internet search for “houses with RV garages in Tennessee,” The Garden’s RV Village website came up. I shared it with Silvia and we changed our travel plans so we could drive there and see this interesting place I found on the internet.

The day after getting set up on “Homeless Hill” in the Gardens we took a tour of all the available homes for sale. After walking around the neighborhood and talking with all the friendly people, Silvia and I knew we had found the perfect place for us!

We couldn’t have found a more ideal, well-suited place. First, our money goes further by living in Crossville. Not to mention, there’s no state income tax on my pension. City and county real estate taxes are just about the most affordable in the country. But even more than that, we believe the quality of life we’re experiencing here, in the Gardens, is impossible to beat.

Almost all of your friends and neighbors here are retired. This makes it very easy to do things together any day of the week. We share ideas, experiences, and information with each other all the time. We play together, we work on projects together and we travel together. We help each other in so many ways. There is just no better place to be! I encourage you to come see for yourself. Most folks say their only regret is they did not come here sooner!


Eugene Turpin, President
The Gardens RV Village Homeowners Association

Thank you, Gene, for sharing your thoughts! Readers interested in learning more about visiting Homeless Hill and seeing The Gardens, may visit their website at

RV Retirement Home Base Seminar Schedule Announced

In a series of RV shows and rallies, Tim Wilson will be discussing choices available to RVers approaching retirement, ranging from keeping a home base to full-timing, and how to get the most from the RV lifestyle.

Wilson is well known among RVers as CEO of the Gardens RV Village, a community of fine homes with fully attached RV garages, developed exclusively for couples in their retirement years who wish to live among others who share their passion for enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Shown above: Tim Wilson, MBA, has been CEO of The Gardens RV Village, Crossville, Tennessee, for almost 20 years.

“In the past twenty years, I’ve worked with thousands of people planning what I call ‘Phase III’ of their lives,” says Wilson. “While I’m not a licensed therapist, I can draw on many years of counseling RV retirees who are asking a number of key questions.”

Tim will be speaking at the following events:

  • Monaco International Westward Ho! FMCA Pre rally, Gillette, WY, July 11-14, 2018
  • Family Motor Coach Assn Rally & RV Expo, Gillette, WY, July 18-21, 2018
  • Winnebago 2018 Grand National Rally, Forest City, IA, July 23-28, 2018
  • America’s Largest RV Show, Hershey, PA, September 12-16, 2018

“RV owners typically have retirement questions such as 1) How will I be spending the last active years of my life? 2) What dreams have I longed to recognize and can I afford them? 3) Will the decisions I make strengthen or threaten my relationship with my spouse? 4) How can I best ensure our ongoing financial, emotional and physical health and get the most from the RV lifestyle? 5) What are the pros and cons of home-basing, full-timing, snowbirding, work camping, and seasonal jobs?” says Wilson.

Tim Wilson is the Principal Broker of Gardens Realty LLC and oversees the property’s marketing, sales and construction activities. Gardens Realty LLC is a Tennessee licensed real estate firm dedicated strictly to serving The Gardens RV Village (License #00259765, 18 Our Way Drive, Crossville, TN 38555).


The Gardens RV Village is a development of luxury homes with attached, fully enclosed RV garages, for RV enthusiasts who enjoy having a secure home base and a neighborhood filled with like-minded RVers. Centrally located on the Cumberland Plateau of Eastern Tennessee, its Crossville location offers the best of all worlds: quick and easy access to more than one Interstate; proximity to several major cities, including Nashville and Knoxville and a warm, friendly town of 10,000. Whether seeking an existing resale home or wishing to build-to-spec, buyers of a Gardens home will obtain a custom-designed home built by quality builders. For more information, visit Http://, sign up for the monthly Property Report and call 931-456-7794. Visit The Gardens at 18 Our Way Drive, Crossville, TN 38555.

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