Resort Trades: 12 months of editorial planning

For those of you interested in contributing articles or advertising in Resort Trades, we are beginning to work on our 2018 calendar. For now, the following represents the next 12 months of topics:

June 2017
Top Resorts
Top developers, resorts and the folks that make them special.

July 2017*
The Money Issue, From Growing Revenue to Expanding Opportunities
We will look at helping resort operators grow revenue, expand opportunities, serve their owners and guests better, streamline costs and get smarter about tax planning.

August 2017*
HOA Annual Meeting
Resort managers need the latest product and service information while preparing budgets for the annual meeting.

September 2017
Marketing & Sales
A how-to manual on the latest on- and off-line marketing and sales secrets.

October 2017
Refurbishment and Design/SOIC Conference
How to beautify and maintain your resort, inside and out!

November 2017*
Legacy Resorts/ARDA Fall Conference
A look at the challenges mature resorts face, including insurance, accounting, legal, reserves and management.

December 2017
Management Company Review
Comparative review of major top management companies.

January 2018 Top New Year’s Resolutions*
What plans are resort operators making to make themselves more successful this year? We’re asking them to weigh in on how they plan to increase revenue and improve customer service to provide excellent vacations.

February 2018
Top Managers Tell All
Plus, announcing winner of the 2017 CEP Award “CustomerCount Customer Engagement Professional (CEP)/Resort Trades Award.”

March 2018
Technology – From Management to Internet Marketing 
A ‘must-read’ for resort operators who want to stay current, enhance revenue and save on costs.

April 2018*
The ARDA World issue

May 2018
Recreation: Spas, Golf, Outdoor Play & Pools
What are the latest trends for managers and resort operators to watch for, when seeking ways to attract and maintain owners/members and guests?

*Typically, the best-read issues of the year.  For advertising information, contact Marla Carroll 931-484-8819; For editorial queries and submissions, email

3 Tips on Cyber Security

My PR clients, WithumSmith + Brown, shared tips for protecting yourself online. Here are three of the ideas from Anurag Sharma’s article:

With the ever changing technologies of today, data breaches and cybersecurity are at the forefront of our minds, and rightfully so. The number of successful cyberattacks in the U.S. has grown 144% in the past four years. Attacks are happening daily, with 62% of these attacks targeting small to midsized businesses.

So how do you start protecting you and your organization? Over the next few weeks, Withum will share top tips to becoming more cyber secure. These small steps could save you and your organization from falling victim to a cyber breach or attack.

Tip #2 – Think Before You Click

Don’t fall for a “phishing attack”. Never click a link or open an attachment that you did not expect to receive. Scams today look very convincing, coming in the form of voicemails, e Faxes, invoices, social media, ADP theme, or from the IRS. If you receive a LinkedIn invite by email, confirm it is real by signing into the LinkedIn website or use your mobile app. If you’re not expecting something or have to think twice about the contents, don’t open it. If you do, you’re opening hackers to the contents of your computer. Contact your IT department if you think an email is suspect, or just delete it and report it as SPAM.

Tip #3 – Prevent Email Fraud

Since January 2015, there has been a 270% increase in email fraud instances. There have been over 17,642 victims and $2.3 billion in losses between October 2013 and February 2016, with the most prominent one being Ubiquity Networks that became a victim of a $46.7 million “CEO email fraud.”

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Don Clayton has new release

Don ClaytonAs Don says, “I would like to thank each one of you for your continued support throughout 2015. During the past year, I released two brand new albums (Songs From The Heart and Three Chords And The Truth), and re-released a special holiday song “Emmanuel”. I even filmed two music videos (“Home” and “BBQ) featuring my friends and family. My very own mom makes a cameo in “Home”.

Visit Don’s website and watch his very entertaining videos. My personal favorite is still BBQ.

Rock on, Don!