Why my clients use SharonINK…

As a realtor once said in his advertisement, “I’m not bragging; I’m applying for a job!” So please forgive me if I appear boastful, but I’d like to list for you the things that make me a good partner for your business:

Longevity. I have the experience and know-how to help you strategize and craft an appropriate message. I understand your campaign may need either a national voice or local appeal to resonate with your public and I’m able to assist with either audience.

Allegiance. I am loyal and client-centric. My goal will be to help you make informed, strategic decisions that will grow your business.

Passion. My work ethic is such that I feel compelled to be the best at what I do. This means staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the development of new strategies.

Performance. My clients have provided testimonials about what I’ve done for them.

Ample Service Menu:

  • Formulating strategy
  • Establishing key messages
  • Maintaining relationships with media, influencers, trade associations
  • Researching, writing and distributing written materials
  • Launching social networking campaigns
  • Organizing special events

Sharon ScottSo what are you waiting for?

Please call me at 310-923-1269 and let’s talk about your business.

My clients are just like you…

I speak with owners, ceo’s, presidents, vice presidents or directing managers every day. I understand the needs, resources and budgetary constraints of small and mid-sized companies.


From a client...

Everyone in the resort industry knows and respects Sharon. She has it all – connections, integrity, brains and a sense of humor!