What you’ll get…

Our Services:

  • Formulate strategy to grow your marketshare,
  • Establish key messages,
  • Establish good media relations,
  • Develop written materials from web sites to articles and collateral,
  • Launch social networking campaigns, and
  • Organize special events.

I originally launched Drechsler Communications, Inc. in 2006 and, more recently, SharonINK PR & Marketing as an answer to small-to-medium-sized companies seeking a PR and Marketing solution. Some of my clients require a full-blown marketing plan, including everything from defining and articulating their unique value-proposition to full implementation of the plan. Others may just need me to write a specific article or item.

Here is what I can do for you:

Pictured here are (l. to r.) Deb Linden, Sharon Scott, Bob Bertrand and Jay Finlay. Sharon produced the winning entry materials resulting in Concord Servicing receiving ARDA's ACE Innovator Award.

The Plan. Every business owner or manager recognizes that a well-planned strategy is a basic first step to obtaining your goal. Over the years, I have developed a proprietary set of questionnaires to help us thoroughly think through your goals, your company’s positioning, messaging, what your competition is doing, what your audience thinks of you, what you want them to think of you…and so forth. You get the picture. Using this information, we’ll develop The Plan. Having perfected my own systematic process to help us strategize is part of why I hope you will choose me as your expert.

Implementation. Executing your plan requires a mixture of tactics (thus the term ‘Integrated Marketing’). Your campaign might include advertising, promotional activities, direct marketing and public relations – the whole shebang. Then again, we may decide to focus on just one or two tactical approaches. As your PR provider, I recognize that I need to take a very consultative approach. You will find that I am a loyal, whole-hearted and caring partner to your business; I’m in it for the long-term relationship and I’m 100 percent in your camp!

Measurement. We need to not only keep the wheels on the bus; but keep the bus moving. So we’ll set up tracking and measurement processes to make sure we continue to head in the right direction and to help us introduce any course corrections that may be required.

Sharon ScottSo what are you waiting for?

Please call me at 310-923-1269 and let’s talk about your business.

Why my clients use SharonINK…

As a realtor once said in his advertisement, “I’m not bragging; I’m applying for a job!” So please forgive me if I appear boastful, but I’d like to list for you the things that make me a good partner for your business


From a client...

As a lender and lender's representative serving developers in the resort industry, Wellington Financial has benefited from Sharon's capability as a wordsmith, as well as her extensive business network within the industry. We rely on her to help with our advertising and communications, so that we can concentrate on serving our customers.