It’s all about what you need…

One thing is clear…your company always needs more business. Even if you’re doing well, you know that long-term success depends on continuous growth.

So, what will it take to achieve that growth?

  • Make sure your prospective clients are aware that you offer them something they really need.

  • Show them how your company can help.

  • Teach your target audience what differentiates you from the competition.

  • Explain why they should trust you.

  • Give them a sense of urgency. You believe they will be better off if they buy from you; so let them know the sooner they call, the better.

Perhaps you have been trying to handle your own public relations and marketing in-house. It’s likely that you are reading this right now because this just isn’t working for you: You have other responsibilities and don’t have the time to devote to ‘do it right.’ You realize you need to raise awareness about your company and generate new business, but time spent on marketing is a drain on your resources…resources better spent on delivering great customer service. Perhaps you are finding that while you enjoy and are successful at performing some PR and marketing functions, you could really use someone to help you in planning and carrying out a more wide-reaching effort.

Well, if that’s the case, then you are my ideal client. I can help you get more out of your own efforts because of my knowledge and experience in providing these services for my other clients who are just like you. I can help strategize and implement your entire campaign or I can merely provide supplemental services. Your success is our principle goal. If your business does well; my business does well!

If you’ve been procrastinating, just remember that your competitors are working on promoting their businesses just as much as you are. It takes time to plan and execute an effective Integrated Marketing Strategy.

Sharon ScottSo what are you waiting for?

Please call me at 310-923-1269 and let’s talk about your business.


From a client...

We were one of Sharon’s earliest clients, hiring her in 2007 to handle our PR and marketing. SPI Software is a small company providing highly specialized software to operators of timeshare resorts. Since hiring her, our company has recognized significant growth in large part as a result of her services. She is responsible for promoting awareness of SPI within our marketplace and we often discover that she has lobbied on our behalf when speaking of us to current and prospective clients.