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It's all about what you need...

One thing is clear…your company always needs more business. Even if you’re doing well, you know that long-term success depends on continuous growth.

So, what will it take to achieve that growth?


Why my clients use SharonINK...

As a realtor once said in his advertisement, “I’m not bragging; I’m applying for a job!” So please forgive me if I appear boastful, but I’d like to list for you the things that make me a good partner for your business.

My clients are just like you…

I speak with owners, ceo’s, presidents, vice presidents or directing managers every day. They know I understand the needs, resources and budgetary constraints of small and mid-sized companies.

What you’ll get…

Our Services:

  • Formulate strategy to grow your marketshare,
  • Establish key messages,
  • Establish good media relations,
  • Develop written materials from web sites to articles and collateral,
  • Launch social networking campaigns, and
  • Organize special events.

From a client...

When Sharon first started work as an ARDA staff person, we were impressed by her dedication, enthusiasm and zeal for building closer relationships between the association and its members. And Sharon has only grown wiser and more helpful during her years in our great industry!

I launched SharonINK PR & Marketing as an answer to small-to-medium-sized companies seeking a PR and Marketing solution. Some of my clients require a full-blown marketing plan, including everything from defining and articulating their unique value-proposition to full implementation of the plan. Others may just need me to write a specific article or item.

Sharon ScottSo what are you waiting for?

Please call me at 310-923-1269 and let’s talk about your business.

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